Tips for a Successful School Website Design

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For any business or institution, having a website is not sufficient; you need to make sure that is compelling to those that visit the site and it has a good design that makes it both functional and visually appealing. When it comes to school websites, there should be uniqueness in the website and you need to understand what makes them more effective.

You need to have a specific goal when it comes to designing the landing page as this is what gives the first impression of the school. There should be a specific experience that you are trying to give from this and this is what provides direction to anyone that clicks on the school website and finds themselves on the landing page. Think about what you are hoping to achieve through the website. Maybe you want to market the school to potential families or focus more on a specific educational route. Finding this primary objecting is the starting point to creating effective websites for schools. Depending on this objective, you will be able to display the core values, vision, mission, the different programmes offered by the school etc. This is what gives an overall picture to a student or parent which helps them imagine whether the school is a good fit for them or not.

There are certain grade levels that you can include on the website to get an idea of the expected student growth. Having a clear goal will help you with a good starting point for the website and this will dictate how the rest of the website design will be as well. There should also be clear calls to action that allows visitors to find information that they are looking for quickly and easily. There is a lot of visual input that will help them in this so you need to make sure any links or directives are displayed prominently. Make sure that these calls to action are provided clearly on the homepage so that it gives an idea to the user about what they want to do next.

Simplicity and easy navigation is a must for any website. This should be balanced with the uniqueness and creativity that will help the website stand out. This includes the use of clear labels that will instantly let a visitor to the site understand where to find the information they are looking for. You can find many websites that have a lot of images and videos. One of the reasons that many pictures are used is because the website wants to create easy understanding but when there is too many, it can be difficult to make sense of most of it and it will affect accessibility. Most of us tend to search for things on our phones and it is seldom that we click through a lengthy slideshow when there is specific information that we are looking for. So it is best to limit the number of videos and images. On the landing page, you can use one video that is descriptive and gives an overall idea of the school.

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